Full toolbox for a hassle-free
internet television.

Zasób 18@2x

Scalability and omni-platform support are no longer an issue.


Peta- exa- zetta- bytes of securely stored content.


Seamless streaming with unlimited capacity.


Offer full uninterrupted immersion with a user-friendly video interface.


Deliver a customized experience to users on every device.

Zasób 19@2x


  • Integrated - everything you need is right here
  • Flexibility - easy to customize and tailor to your needs
  • Fast implementation - done in weeks, not months
  • Technological excellence - best quality with UHD/4K & HDR10 support, wide coverage of client platforms & leading DRM systems support - and every standard up to date

Our customers

Get to know us better through our clients’ success stories. Learn how we approached solving a variety of challenges. Even the most complex problems have their simple and efficient answers.

  • Coder
  • Storage
  • CDN
  • Player
  • Portal


Scalability and omni-platform support are no longer an issue. Our easy to integrate and use coder guarantees blazing speeds under any circumstances for both Live and VOD content.

  • Impenetrably secure - We support widely recognized DRM systems: Microsoft Playready, Google Widevine and Apple Fairplay. Your content, stored and processed, is safe with us.
  • Blazing speeds - We made sure to make this in-house developed encoder fast. Real fast.
  • Easily integrated - HTTP/REST API along with use case examples in commonly used programing languages are made available.
  • All business models - We support AVOD, SVOD, TVOD, nPVR and Catch-Up TV. Choose what is best for you.


Peta- exa- zetta- bytes of securely stored content. It’s easy to integrate within your systems and designed to work seamlessly with our CDN.

  • Redundancy - Each piece of your content is stored in multiple replicas in geographically separated data centers. Thanks to cryptographic hash functions the platform is always up-to-date in terms of data integrity. This allows us to guarantee 99,999% data availability thus making your broadcast uninterrupted and safe.
  • Easily integrated - We provide a clear HTTP/REST API, along with Linux FUSE (filesystem in userspace) driver which allows fast and painless integration with existing ecosystems.
  • In-built facilitation - storage comes integrated with our CDN. This means there’s no need for additional work, as the CDN already works with VOD content, as well as network PVR and Catch-Up TV.


Seamless streaming with unlimited capacity - this is how we define our CDN. It’s designed for large-scale streaming on all key multimedia platforms.

  • Unlimited capacity - Located in major Internet exchange points, our CDN can handle huge amounts of traffic every day. Like multi-terabit huge.
  • Powerful features - under relentless development, so what you get is always top-notch. There’s on-demand image scaling and cropping, live video buffer for seamless timeshift and catch-up, on-the-fly content packaging and encryption.
  • Any device, any technology - Live & VOD streaming using MPEG-DASH, Smooth Streaming or HLS protocols - whatever you choose we can handle it. This results in a seamless cross-platform experience.


Offer full uninterrupted immersion with a user-friendly video interface. Seamless multi-platform experience, hollywood-grade content security, rich analytics and new ways to monetize are what make it so useful.

  • Any device, any technology - Out-of-the-box support for HTML5 web browsers, Android/AndroidTV and iOS devices, as well as connected TV platforms. On top of that it’s easily portable to custom devices like set-top boxes.
  • Hollywood-grade content security - Uncompromising content security across all client platforms thanks to integration with leading DRM systems including Google Widevine, Microsoft Playready and Apple FairPlay.
  • Maximized ROI - Server-side dynamic ad insertion and automated in-stream image recognition plus support of a variety of industry advertisement standards, including VAST 3 and VPAID equals new, efficient ways to monetize.
  • Rich analytics - Vast range of analytical & tracking events, allowing to track user activities and improve experience quality. Comes with pre-integrated external analytical platforms, including Google Analytics and gemiusStream.


Conveniently manage and customize all aspects of your service. Doesn’t matter if it’s about the content, branding, transactions or applications. A few weeks and it’s fully yours.

Three main modules: Back Office - for management, Front Office - user-facing & all of the integrated applications make it possible.

  • Complete toolbox - Combines content and customer management modules: DAM (digital asset management), CMS and CRM are at your disposal.
  • Easily customizable - The portal can be adapted to your needs in a matter of weeks.
  • Reach users everywhere - Suited for a vast majority of end-user platforms, including Web/HTML5, Android, iOS, Apple TV, Chromecast, Samsung SmartTV
  • All business models - We support AVOD, SVOD, TVOD, nPVR and Catch-Up TV. Choose what is best for you.

User features

– Login (local, SSO or Facebook)
– User profile
– Subaccounts and device management
– Advanced search
– Content purchase (wallet, prepaid, postpaid)
– Content playback (HD/UHD automatic quality adaptation, AirPlay, Chromecast)
– Social network features (Facebook, Twitter)

Admin features

– Multimedia product management
– Product bundle management
– Offer and promotion management
– User and device management
– Helpdesk and service request handling
– Static content management (CMS module)
– Reporting and statistics
– Logs
– Settings management

We are a leading technology provider of internet television in Europe. We face challenges that are both demanding and exciting. Partner with us to work with the market’s top tier.

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